Three Multi-Tasking Accessories to Maximise Your Wardrobe

We know how it is. New fashion season + latest trendy temptations = empty wallet, overstuffed closet, (and guilt). Lucky that the multi-tasking trend is really coming strong. With these hard-working multi-taskers, you won’t be forced to choose between practicality and stylishness. And all are guilt-free.

1. Convertible Earrings
Earrings that can convert from casual-to-professional-to-party are the cornerstone for versatility in any wardrobe. Just add or remove parts for a more or less bold look. Perfect for creating a truly personalised statement.

2. Reversible Bag
Can’t decide which colour to buy? No problem. With this reversible bag you get them BOTH! How’s that for matching everything in your closet?

3. A multi-tasker bag
Let’s be honest. We know that while you’re reading this, you’re also checking email, updating social media, painting your nails, and planning what to make for dinner. You need an accessory like you that can do it all—a bag that you can style with many outfits and… a necklace in one. This bag is definitely going to be your new basic!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame