Top 2 Tech Trends Shaping the Face of Beauty

For 2020, technology is set to explode and drive beauty innovation further. Get set for futuristic hi-tech products and more personalised beauty experiences.

1. Advanced ‘smart’ formulations
As tech infiltrates the beauty industry more and more, the future looks good! The space between real and virtual is about to close with beauty set to evolve with a salute to tech-glam. Expect high-performing futuristic formulas that know your skin even better than you do.

World-leading trend agency WGSN comments that, “In 2022, brands will need to provide benefits that go beyond UV, urban and blue light pollution protection, with products that encompass skin-repairing capabilities".

And with advances in artificial intelligence and science, we can expect to see voice-enabled assistants who can give personlised make-up tips and tricks, right from the comfort of our homes.

For me, working as an editor in an office all day can be really drying on my skin so I’ve been thrilled with THE ONE Everlasting Sync Foundation. A smart foundation with Skin Reponse Technology, it continuously adapts to the environment that I’m in, so it knows if I need extra hydration. Now that is smart!

And we all know finding the perfect shade can be tricky, so I used the interactive shade guide and worked out that Light Sand Warm was a match.

2. Virtual ‘try before you buy’ tech
With more and more people turning to smart devices to get a full picture of their beauty products. A growing trend has been tech-savvy solutions that enhance your beauty experience.

Virtual make-up apps turn your mobile into a magic mirror, no wonder they are a hot tech trend!

The ultimate, try-before-you buy experience, I can’t get enough of Oriflame’s Makeup Wizard app which allows you to virtually apply The ONE make-up range instantly.

I take a selfie and then virtually apply The ONE lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows, blushers and eyeliners to get a real-time view of how they look. I’m getting obsessed and keep sharing all my looks with my make-up junkie friends; I don’t think they mind!

Quick reminder: You can download Oriflame Make-up Wizard for free from App Store or Google Play