Innovative perfume application from Oriflame

Good perfume is like a staccato of high-heeled shoes hitting the pavement, like a perfect red lip or a well-cut autumn coat. It gives us an aura of confidence that comes not only necessarily from the scent itself, but rather from how it makes us feel.

The magic of perfume lies not only in how it smells, how it evolves during the day or what notes come to comprise it. The secret ingredient that turns heads is how the fragrance makes us feel when we put it on. Sometimes all it takes is one drop to make us smile, one drop to makes us straighten up and face the new day. New Essenza Sensuale Eau de Parfum  makes sure that the moment of delivering that fragrant drop to your skin is even more special.


For millennia, perfume has been the domain of royalty, nobility and aristocracy. Imagine an empress, sitting at her vanity table, opening a precious vial of fragrance and dabbing the cork on each wrist and behind the ears. This age-old gesture was part of the daily ritual of many a great woman throughout history. Now, you will be able to join their ranks, thanks to Oriflame’s revolutionary fragrance cap design.


As Giordani Gold Essenza Sensuale opens, the cap unscrews and draws a measured and powerful drop of liquid that remains captured until contact with the skin. No ungainly upending of the bottle required, as the unique closure mechanism gathers the perfume cleverly and easily in the upright position. This new technology is a modern twist on a centuries-old application gesture for precious perfumes such as this.


A few dabs in strategic places will be enough to envelop you in the heady scent of Orange Blossom – the unique note that is the soul of this Eau de Parfum. Created exclusively for Oriflame using the finest quality orange blossoms, it was blended with other elements to compose a unique interpretation of this iconic flower. Giordani Gold Essenza Sensuale elevates the experience of perfume wearing to new levels of sensuous luxury.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame