3 Inspiring Wellness Trends For 2019

New year, new goals, right? But in an industry with more trends than fashion, what is worth taking seriously? Here are 3 trends that we love and think are here to stay!

Holistic wellness  
sensible goals, healthy choices 

Not really a trend at all but at Oriflame this is our #1 trend for 2019. Forget your crazy diets, wacky exercise regimes and unproven supplements - at the end of the day, wellness is about just that – living and feeling as physically and mentally balanced as possible. If trying to follow a diet or exercise regime makes you feel depressed or stressed, then it’s definitely not good for you in the long run and you’re more likely to fail – which will make you feel even worse! Get in tune with your physical/mental balance and make sensible goals and healthy choices.

Microbiome health 
cultivate your good bacteria 

The human microbiome – the natural environment of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria which live on and within our bodies - is something you can expect to hear more and more about. A positive balance of ‘good’ bacteria helps keep us healthy inside and out. You can consume probiotics (‘good’ bacteria) and prebiotics (food for ‘good’ bacteria) through your diet or supplements for a healthier gut. Use skin care products with probiotics and prebiotics to help encourage a healthier skin environment. 

food for thought 

One of the trends we truly love! Practicing being in the moment takes time but it is worth it as mindfulness helps in every aspect of life. It makes you more focused, less stressed and simply happier. Mindfulness is a process of observing the present moment without judgement. It teaches you how to breathe properly, lets you get to know your body better and help react to any tension appearing in it. Try to take 10 minutes off of your busy schedule a day, sit comfortably and make sure nothing will disturb you (turn your mobile off!). For a start focus on your breath only, breathe in, breathe out. It may seem difficult at first, but with practice it gets easier to focus your attention on this natural process. Do it regularly and soon you will enjoy the therapeutical effect of mindfulness.

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