Bold looks are here to stay: hop on the dopamine beauty trend with hot pink!

Millennial pink is out, hot pink is in. Here’s how to steal looks and let your confidence show with the hottest colour of the year.

Post-pandemic, we’ve been wearing cosy, clean nudes and opting for colours that look natural and feel zen. However, as the time has gone by, many have been getting a bit bored with the simplicity and muted colours and maximalist, expressive colours and make-up looks have rapidly been gaining popularity in the past year.

Now, we use colour to express who we are, to boost our mood and as a sassy display of confidence. The focus has shifted from slow and zen to energetic: doing things that make us feel good, expressing who we are and enjoying life.

Enter dopamine dressing and dopamine beauty!
Dopamine beauty stems from dopamine dressing, a trend that has boomed on TikTok in the past year.

The term dopamine dressing means dressing to improve your mood much like dopamine does, wearing clothes that make you feel happy, often in bold, bright colours from head to toe.

At the time of writing this, the trend has 135M views, so I think it’s fair to say that this trend is here to stay!


The hot pink of Barbiecore
One colour that has been especially hot this past year is the Valentino Pink, the Barbiecore aesthetic or Viva Magenta, the colour of the year in 2023. These terms are all referring to the same blazing hot pink or fuchsia colour that has taken over as the hue du jour.

It’s bold, feminine and powerful, and bound to give you a dopamine kick. This shade is not for the wallflowers out there! It’s for the people who want to be seen, to inspire confidence and be remembered as they walk out of the room.

If that sounds like you, here’s how to tap into this trend and amplify your mood, confidence, and style!


Hot pink lipstick
What oozes confidence more than a bright, bold pink lip? Bold lipstick colours can instantly make you feel more attractive, confident and happy. Rather than donning the classic red, apply a fuchsia pink lipstick that feels bolder and more modern.

Dopamine dressing in monochrome
Have you ever tried wearing a full-on monochrome outfit? Talk about making a statement! Wear fuchsia from top to toe to express feminine sophistication and power.

If that feels a little daunting, go with a muted fondant pink, a coming trend colour for 2024, or digital lavender , a Gen Z favourite and one of the other most popular colours of the year.


Statement jewelry
Expressiveness extends further than just colour, we see maximalism in jewellery trends too. Thick, chunky gold necklaces and big gold hoops have been everywhere lately, and we understand why. Some chunky jewellery can take a simple outfit from basic to chic in no time!

Express yourself through scent
Fragrances are known to influence our mood, physiology and behaviour, and with an expressive outfit, you want a fragrance that matches it. All or Nothing Amplified radiates bold femininity with its floral and spicy notes of Tuberose and Red Ginger.

It’s a fragrance that fills up a room, and there is a subtle power in daring to wear a fragrance like that. Just knowing that can boost your mood and make you feel confident.

Ready to hop on the trend and be your most expressive self?

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