5 New Ways to Get Creative with Your Blush

Unleash the untapped potential of your blush collection! Don't settle for the same old routine – there's a whole world of possibilities waiting for you. From capturing the sunkissed essence of summer to exploring daring techniques, we're here to introduce five new ways to ignite your creativity with blush!

The W-Blush method
Are you longing for the effortlessly sunkissed complexion that's all the rage among Gen-Z? Say goodbye to hours under the sun and embrace the W-Blush method for a sunburnt, post-workout look. Picture this: a soft horizontal line of Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls starting from the sides of your ears, gracefully sweeping over your nose bridge, and culminating at the opposite ear. It mimics where the sun naturally kisses your skin but without any of the consequences.

The result: A youthful, sunkissed complexion that embodies a healthy, active lifestyle.

Blush draping
Step into the spotlight with blush draping, the make-up technique that has made a triumphant comeback from the vibrant 80s. It involves applying blush where you’d normally wear highlighter. So why not tick both with THE ONE Illuskin Liquid Blusher Highlighter? Start along the high points of your cheekbones and delicately blend towards your temples and outer part of your eye sockets to create a blur effect..

The result: A dazzling statement that will leave onlookers captivated and heads turning..


Blush contouring
Achieve a beautifully defined and sculpted look with the art of blush contouring. If you crave a more chiselled appearance but with the softness and warmth of a blush, this technique is your go-to. Harness the power of THE ONE Face Styler Blush, renowned for its creamy texture and precision applicator to ensure a mistake-proof blush contouring. Draw the blush along the hollows of your cheeks and seamlessly blend upwards towards your temples..

The result: A defined, sculpted look that will leave you looking radiant and confident..

Anime undereye blush
Ready to step into the whimsical realm of anime undereye blush? Unconventional and strange at first, this artful Japanese trend has taken TikTok by storm! Not only does it help to colour-correct concealers but also imparts a delightful, childlike allure. To achieve this look, apply THE ONE Powder Blush beneath your eyes and blend it outward. This technique is great for sunken eye sockets, as it creates a seamless fusion with the upper cheeks. .

The result: A playful look that defies conventions and leaves a lasting impression..

Blush on eyes and lips
Why confine the magic of blush to just your cheeks? Embrace the art of monochromatic beauty by utilising blush as your versatile secret weapon. Indulge in iridescent Mermaidcore eyes as Illuskin Liquid Blush casts a spell of ethereal glow to your gaze. Or rely on the perfectly pointed shape of the Face Styler to synchronise your cheeks and lips with a burst of colour..

The result: A harmonious, polished look for those seeking maximum impact with minimal effort.

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