Picks For Energetic Summer For Him

Summers are here in full swing and let’s just admit, they are quite draining. With all that sweat and scorching heat, it becomes quite impossible to feel fresh and energetic in the summers. Do not worry, we are all in this together. However, there are a few miracle products available that can give any man the energy to survive the harsh summers without getting dull and drained. Here is what you need to get your hand on!

North for Men Fragranced Body Spray
It is said that when you smell good and fresh, it sets your mood to feel a lot more productive and positive. You can entirely change your mood with the help of a good body spray that smells fresh and masculine at the same time. Smell good in this sunny weather with North for Men Fragranced Body Spray that is enriched with fresh citrusy top notes which fades into a blend of florals, woods, and sweet vanilla scents. Now, who would not love that! 

North for Men

NovAge Set for Men
It is a common misconception that you do not need a moisturizer in summer. The truth is, the sun shows no mercy on the skin and deprive our skin of the moisture that it needs to look fresh and young. Turn your hydration game strong with this NovAge Set for Men that consists of a Purifying and Exfoliating Cleanser, Intense Anti-Aging Face Gel Lotion, Energizing Hydrating Booster, and Eye Rescue Gel. It deeply cleanses your skin and hydrates it from within making it look well rested and fresh every day.

NovAge for Men

Wellness Pack for Men
The harsh summer days can be quite draining, especially when you have to get all your work done on time. The excessive sweat can make us feel lazy and leave with almost no energy to meet your deadlines, or even enjoy the summertime. To tackle this problem, you will need to heal yourself from within. A healthy body will also bear healthy skin which will make you look fresh and active without any extra effort. To treat your body from within, get your hands on this Wellness Pack for Men that is packed full of vitamins, minerals essential Omega 3 Fatty acids and astaxanthin that help strengthen the immune system, feel balanced and energetic. Make it a routine!

Wellness Pack Men

So, what are you waiting for? Grab these summer essentials and live your summers to the fullest.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Central Europe