How to curate a perfume wardrobe

Do you use the same perfume every day, for every occasion? If the answer is yes, it’s time to start thinking of your fragrance like an accessory – because no matter how much you love a scent (or dress), you don’t want to wear the same thing all the time! Like a capsule wardrobe of clothes, a selected edit of different perfumes will ensure you have the right scent on hand to compliment your look and mood. Learn how to create your ultimate perfume wardrobe that fits you and your lifestyle.

Invest in a classic
Like a little black dress or your favourite denim jeans, there are some key fragrance notes that are timeless and can form the backbone of your perfume wardrobe. Scents infused with white florals, a soft airy rose or comforting woody notes are all classics that you will wear time and time again. These signature fragrances may be the ones you return to often – but remember, even the most perfect scent that you love can become dull if you use it day-in-day-out.

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Your daily tried & trusted scent companions
When picking perfumes for everyday use, always ask yourself if it makes you feel happy. It’s important these scents put you in a good mood, while also making you feel comfortable in yourself – especially as you will be applying them most mornings! We recommend having a couple of everyday perfumes that you can choose between, as scents can lose their sensory impact if you use them too often. And if you tend to head out straight from the office, look for options you can layer together, or under a night perfume.

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The treasured perfume for night’s out – or special occasions
You don’t need to want to wear a perfume every day for it to secure a place in your wardrobe. Sometimes, you want to keep one sensual fragrance for night’s out or special occasions – this will only make you feel more amazing when you do wear it. These scents can be richer in character, with more intense fragrance notes that evoke a powerful feeling and leave an impression. Don’t be afraid to push beyond your comfort zone here, choosing a perfume with more character and depth – a powerful scent can give you a great confidence boost too.

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A refreshing post-workout spritz
If you exercise regularly, it’s good to have a light, refreshing fragrance in your wardrobe to use post-workout. An Eau de Toilette is ideal, as each spritz only subtly scents the skin. Choose ones with bright citrus and fresh fruity notes to revitalise your mood. These scents are the ones you’ll be reaching for on hot summer days too! For those who prefer a deeper scent, choose one that still has a refreshing twist, like .SE Wild Hearts Eau de Parfum.

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Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame