Christmas gifts that he would love to receive

When it comes to picking gifts for a man, you can never go wrong with a fragrance, a cool accessory or a full skin care routine – so he stops using your creams. Check out the list of gifts that he would love to receive for Christmas!

Surprise him with Oriflame’s first men perfume: Eclat Style! It was created around one of the most premium and iconic ingredients in perfumery – a De Laire accord!

Who is it for? A man who likes the finest things


Awaken his adventure spirit with this Men’s Collection Dark Wood set. The eau de toilette has notes of black pepper, gaiac wood and blond tobacco which are perfectly enhanced by the Perfumed Hair & Body Wash created exclusively for this set. Moreover, it comes pre-packed in a beautiful gift box!

Pick it for… A man who loves outdoor activities


New Year, new habits, right? It’s the perfect time for him to try on a new energizing & age-defense routine – gift him the NovAge Men set and – each product is marked in the order that it should be used so he will find it very easy to pick up the correct routine steps!

Recommended for men who would like to take better care of themselves


When times get very hectic, ease his day with the convenient WellnessPack & gel lotion set. The WellnessPack contains daily sachet packs providing optimal levels of nutrients to support overall daily functioning for men, while the Novage Gel Lotion absorbs in 10 seconds or less, leaving him enough time to enjoy the things he likes.

Ideal for… A man who is always on the run


Does he already have everything he needs? Is it always so hard for you to find a gift for him? Men never say ‘No’ to simple and functional accessories like a watch with double-sided strap, a slim-style wallet or a warm and cozy scarf.

Perfect for a man with classic taste