The skincare actives transforming haircare

The future of haircare is here – and it’s taking cue from the skincare world. To keep your strands in tip-top condition, ingredients previously reserved for skincare (think niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid) are making haircare formulations more sophisticated than ever before. What’s their secret? In addition to treating your hair, these actives also care for your scalp to promote healthier hair. Meet the skincare actives that are ready to give your hair a facial.

Thinning hair loves Niacinamide, AKA Vitamin B3
Protective Vitamin B3, or as you know it in the skincare world Niacinamide, is known for strengthening the cellular process and restoring energy. A true skin and hair-enhancer, it can help protect against external environmental stressors, encouraging hair to grow stronger and more resilient to damage.

Infused with this hair & scalp-loving skincare ingredient, DUOLOGI Fall Resist Shampoo and Scalp Tonic help to strengthen fragile, thinning hair from breakage.


Dandruff needs Salicylic Acid, AKA exfoliating hero
We all know the exfoliating benefits of Salicylic Acid for your skin, but did you know it also works wonders for your scalp… and dandruff flakes!

Salicylic Acid targets the root of dandruff, helping to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, eliminate sebum build-up and reduce flakes. Gently breaking down and shedding dead skin cells, it helps to reveal a new fresh layer of skin on the scalp – while also helping to maintain moisture, balance the scalp microbiome and prevent itchiness.

DUOLOGI Anti-Flake Purifying duo (Scalp Scrub & Shampoo) are infused with this scalp-loving skincare ingredient, to refresh your scalp and help prevent itchiness.


Damaged hair loves Keratin, AKA transformative hair-loving protein
Keratin protein helps strengthen and protect hair from root to tip. Naturally occurring in hair, this transformative protein binds directly to areas of damage and fills them in, helping to revitalise and nourish hair for a smoother, shinier and healthier appearance.

Perfect for dry or damaged hair, the DUOLOGI Intense Repair duo (Shampoo & Hair Mask), Sealing Hair Serum and Rich Creme Conditioner are all infused with Keratin, to help protect hair from root to tip. And if you always reach for the hairdryer, curling wand or hair straightener when styling your hair, Heat Protect Spray (also infused with Keratin!) protects your strands from heat tools.


Frizzy hair loves Hyaluronic Acid, AKA the go-to active for moisturisation
Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid is the go-to skincare ingredient for moisturisation, with every molecule able to hold at least 1000 times its weight in water. This helps to reduce hair and scalp dryness – without feeling greasy or causing build-up – leaving hair shiny, soft and healthy with bounce, while also taming flyaways and frizz.

Infused with this hair-loving skincare ingredient, DUOLOGI Hair Beautifier Leave-in Spray is the hair cream for anyone seeking nourishment and megawatt shine – in addition to silky-soft, smooth strands, expect healthy glossy hair the light bounces off.


Fragile hair loves Rice Peptides, AKA high-tech AI-beauty
Rice Peptides provide essential proteins for healthy hair structure, easily binding to the hair surface to help fortify and smooth the hair cuticle.

When developing DUOLOGI Fall Resist duo (Shampoo and Scalp Tonic), four specific peptides from rice protein were obtained using AI. Chosen for their hair compatibility, these peptides help to revitalise and strengthen hair from root to tip – perfect for fortifying fragile hair from breakage.


Fine hair loves Silk Protein, AKA hello silky-smooth strands
Silk Protein helps to revitalise hair, binding moisture to the hair surface to enable amino acids to penetrate the hair cuticle. This strengthens hair from within, helping to protect against dullness or damaged hair from dehydration – leaving strands more resilient and silky-smooth from root to tip.

DUOLOGI Light Creme Conditioner is infused with this hair-loving skincare ingredient, providing fine or thin hair with weightless hydration and nourishment, without compromising on volume.


Dry, damaged hair loves Oat Lipids, AKA next-level nourishment
Nourishing Oat Lipids help to protect hair from damage, as ceramides assist in strengthening the hair cuticle by holding it together. Ultra-compatible with both hair and scalp, this multi-benefit, skin-mimicking ingredient aids in moisturising the scalp by delivering three primary lipids to the skin.

Infused with Oat Lipids, DUOLOGI Sealing Hair Serum and Intense Repair duo (Shampoo & Hair Mask) come to the rescue for dry or damaged hair, helping to protect, nourish and strengthen strands. And we can’t get enough of the Night Cream beauty shot from Dual Leave-In Hair Cream, as the overnight hair mask repairs hair while you dream.

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