Coconut Oil - How It Benefits Your Hair?

Coconut oil, is now one of the most beloved ingredients of skin and hair products and there’s a good reason behind it. Learn more about the benefits it brings.

Moisture bomb
Coconut oil is a great natural emollient. It protects skin from moisture loss. Rich in saturated fats, the coconut oil helps restore natural skin barrier and slow down evaporation from skin, preventing drying out. It is a powerful moisturizaing ingredient often added to products designed for dry skin or hair. 

Easy absorption
Coconut oil is made of medium chain fatty acids (medium chain triglycerides) called lauric acid which structure allows for easier absorption. It absorbs deeply into skin, hair shaft or scalp.  When using raw coconut oil, be careful with the amount, start with a drop or two and adjust the amount according to your hair or skin’s needs.


Hair benefits
If your hair is dry, brittle and gets frizzy easily, try products containing coconut oil. Thanks to its deeply moisturizing properties and easy absorption, your hair will be left softer, smoother and protected. It helps restore luster in hair, prevents split ends and promotes scalp health. 

You will find shampoo, conditioner and hot oil formulated with wheat and coconut oil in Love Nature range. The formulas put the moisture back in dry hair and help prevent future damage. They do not only benefit your hair but also your senses and environment as they smell deliciously and are fully biodegradable. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame