Top makeup looks to wear this spring

Want to be on trend this spring? Keep reading. We’ve gathered some of the most talked about makeup looks of the season. A hint: it involves ‘90s grunge, neon, and a lot of glitter.

Makeup look 1: Soft grunge
‘90s grunge is back! As predicted on the runways, this spring we’ll see the return of smokey eyeliner, brick-coloured lipstick and matte complexions. This makeup look is meant to have that undone feeling – the more imperfect it is, the better. So don’t be afraid to let loose, skip the tools and just smudge away!

Makeup look 2: Glossy lips
The glossy trend is still going strong 2023. Now the look will be created using nourishing lip balms, high-impact lip glosses and plumping oils. Your lips shall be moisturized to the max and just show a slight amount of extra colour.


Makeup look 3: Neon and pastel
Love a colourful makeup look? Great! Because this spring is all about pops of colour – think everything from bright neon to pretty pastels. Set your sight on some slime green or fuchsia pink eyeshadow, or perhaps a pastel violet or light blue is more your vibe. Nothing says spring more than a happy colour pop!

Makeup look 4: Blush draping
We keep getting inspired by the past this spring! One of the top makeup looks to make a revival is blush draping. It’s a ´70s trend that involves painting your favourite blush on your cheekbones, all the way to the temples. And listen to this, by creating this C-shape blush stroke, you’ll get the illusion of a facelift! Can’t get any better than that, right?

Makeup look 5: Sparkling embellishments
Sparkling makeup details are all we want to wear to this season’s parties. Put glitter on your eyebrows, rhinestones on your eyelids and crystals on your cheekbones. No matter what type of bling you choose, it will be a makeup look that puts you in the spotlight. Are you up for it?

Well, that concludes it! From vintage blush techniques to disco eyebrows, the trends this spring offers something for everyone. Maybe you’ve even been inspired to try something new!